Political Festival of Europe moves to new date

Political Festival of Europe moves from May to August. In the feasibility study, based on the previous two years' placement of the EU's green weeks, it had been assumed that week 20 would be a green week in 2022.


The green weeks of the European Parliament are the weeks when MEPs have no commitments in Parliament and can travel to events in Europe.


Last week, in connection with a conversation with MEP, Marianne Vind, it turned out that week 20 in 2022 is not a green week for MEPs in Brussels. With that information arose a moment without breathing.

In 2022, week 21 is a green week. But week 21 will come too close to the Folkemødet on Bornholm, which is in week 24.


Therefore, we have to move the political festival in Mariager until the summer. In the summer period there are resp. a green week in July and a green week in August. As the green week in July is in the middle of the Danes' summer holiday, it is not an option. That is why it is the green week of August, which we have chosen to continue with.


Week 34 is the first working week after the holiday for MEPs in the EU. As the only one of the 8 green weeks, the MEPs