Political Festival of Europe has just held its general meeting.


All sails hoisted and the course is set towards the horizon, where we next year will put Mariager on the European map.


The European movement is arranging The EU Day

The European Movement is holding EU Day on 28 August 2021, as a warm-up for Political Festival of Europe


Euro-political program employee wanted

We are looking for an Euro-political program employee with strong relations and insight into EU policy work in Brussels

Adskillige åbne bøger

Brand new articles of association are ready

The purpose and values of Political Festival of Europe are now ready for the coming years' work to develop the European public meeting in Mariager.


Head of Commerce found!

Welcome to Jan Bertelsen, who will be Head of Commerce at Political Festival of Europe and will take office on 15 April

Slørede mennesker sammenblanding

Head of Program wanted

We are currently looking for a Head of Program - with special responsibility for content

Skærmbillede 2021-04-03 kl. 00.24.29.png

CEO for Festival of Europe found

European democratic assembly is to be made real


Full speed ahead!

See the interview with director, Henrik Th. Andersen, when TV2Nord passed by us in February