European democratic assembly is to be made real

The vision of an European democratic assembly is coming to life.

In the present moment, we are in the midst of a lock down - not only nationally, but in all of Europe. At the same time, Brexit is getting closer, which challenges the European fellowship. The democratic dialogue has never been more important for Europe, the nations, and its’ citizens.

That is why, it is now a reality, that the invitations to the European assembly in Mariager, 22nd of May 2022, is now being send out.


In 2020, a preliminary study mapped the opportunities of creating a European assembly in Mariager, in May 2022. The assembly was named “Festival of Europe”, and Henrik Th. Andersen was hired 1st of January 2021, with the task of realizing the ambitions.


Save the date, 22nd of May 2022, when Mariager is to set the most beautiful frame around the European assembly. The organization behind Political Festival of Europe will be housed in the idyllic, former town hall in the middle of the historic district. Henrik Th. Andersen is the former Head of Event at Odens Sport & Event, where he was responsible for all commercial event activity.


22nd of May, we will experience the first Political Festival of Europe - for the first time in Mariager. The visionary Mariagerfjord municipality has already secured an establishing capital for the event. The vision is to create an assembly, as we know it from Bornholm - only this time, “in “European”. It is the first time ever, that something like this takes place. As newly hired director for Political Festival of Europe, Henrik Th. Andersen will oversee, making a very ambitious idea, an completely amazing event.

Henrik Th. Andersen has a broad leadership experience. And he will need it when Political Festival of Europe is to be made real.

“It is going to be a major challenge. I am to make a wild vision real. And it will include many different stakeholders. The festival is for citizens all over EU, but will of course be based in Jutland, more specifically Mariager."

“It is a wild vision, but also a very exciting vision. And that is why, for this time around, I have agreed to work with a more value-political agenda. I would like to be a part of making EU, “Our EU”, and that is the chance, I am getting here, alongside other powerful forces, and a solid local support."

Hired by Stine Bosse: The job demands a diplomatic EU enthusiast

Political Festival of Europe has a strong board, in which the Chairman of Europabevægelsen and businesswoman, Stine Bosse, is the main figure. The organization was originally founded by Leif Skaarup and Mogens Jespersen, Deputy Mayor and Mayor in Mariagerfjord municipality. Stine Bosse was on the other side of “the job interview-table”, when Henrik Th. Andersen was to be found, and expresses the following:


“Henrik’s job will be the EU-collaboration in a nutshell. He will be challenged. This job demands a diplomatic EU enthusiast, who can handle 27 nations and cultures, while in the end, be able to deliver a concrete result within the given timeframe. If he - and we - succeed, we can leave a historic project, thriving for decades here in Denmark, and an inspiration for other similar events in other EU nations."